Why You Need to Forget Positivity, Keep Your Ego and Embrace Your Darkness


#1: You will overcome your ego.

Whether you call it going beyond your ego, getting past your ego, or overcoming your ego, a human being’s sense of self is vital to the development of individuality, and a human being’s self is not pure if it is controlled by ego. Losing ego entirely would cause a person to develop an intense sense of futility with life—which is why the ego must be overcome rather than vanquished. In order to transcend your ego and expose your true self, a human being must ensure that their ego is healthy and functioning properly; your ego should be in harmony with the Universe and the world around you, and this balance cannot be achieved until your self has released all pent-up negativity. To put it more spiritually, inner wholeness must be achieved by healing core wounds and “Shadow Selves,” by formulating strong self-esteem, by forgiving other people, and by acknowledging and accepting the past and the present.

#2: You will become more positive and productive.

Not only will this make you happier, more peaceful, and more successful in both the short-term and over the long-term, but it will also benefit virtually everyone who you interact with along the way. However, this is much more than simply always trying to see the silver lining in life; you must use this state of mind to prevent silver lining from needing to be focused on to begin with. Indeed, once you start consciously trying to solve problems and give aid before it is absolutely necessary to do so, oftentimes it will not be necessary to do so frantically. Since the metaphorical dark clouds never end up formulating, the figurative silver lining won’t need to be looked for either.

#3: You will recapture your youth.

It has been written that human beings must return to a child’s state of being in order to attain divinity and oneness; too often adults generate a sense of self that creates separation between humanity and existence. The unity with life that a child knows can become the unity of life that an adult experiences as well, but some responsibilities and habits of adults must first be shed. Once this child-like state of being has been attained, you will become fully ware of your actions, and of the impacts they have on other people. This youthful state of being coupled with full-grown knowledge and wisdom will propel you to greater happiness, peacefulness, and success.

#4: You will balance creativity with rationality (and good with evil).

Soul evolution leads to moments of complete inner silence, deep peace, inner revelations, and unlooked-for insights. When these things are compounded with the enhanced unity and sense of existence previously discussed, human beings can become “anti-minds” of sorts. In other words, creativity will evolve into intuition, and it’s likely that many more thoughts about existentialism and the like will enter your mind and soul more frequently. It is possible that your mind will lead you astray if other aspects of your self are unbalanced, but if (good) creativity and (evil) logic are in harmony, then you’ll be primed to experience a new sense of energy and insight.

#5: You will fully utilize the higher chakras.

Hinduism reveals that human beings possess seven different energy centers which can be tapped into under the right circumstances. In Peru, these regions are referred to as “Chunpis” or “Belts,” and it has been written that this energy provides insights regarding “higher” centers like the “Crown,” “Head,” and “Heart” chakras. It’s important to remember that the lower chakras must be heeded and maintained as well in order for the higher chakras to be utilized in full.

#6: You will hear your true inner voice.

The self-image or ego that human beings display to other people is a “Shadow Self” of sorts. Negative aspects like fears, vulnerabilities, secret desires, and immoral thoughts are always kept hidden at all costs, but Shadow Selves will inevitably manifest when the pressure and circumstances are right (or wrong). Shadow Selves are personal “demons,” and these can become more powerful when cultural and quasi-spiritual influences attempt to shift the focus to “inner gods” as opposed to “inner voices.” Once you have attained harmony and balance, you will hear your inner voice; follow its advice before that of the sources mentioned above and you will not be led toward sadness or pain.

*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.


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