What’s some advice for an Indian teen?

Credit: Jesus Rodriguez

Your 10th results don’t matter and you know that. Don’t take it as your unit of measure that how intelligent are!

I still remember when I scored 10 CGPA in 10th standard. My parents became too optimistic after my result and overconfident &  made them decide that I must take science side and get a seat in IIT is just a matter of practice for me. From deep inside, I knew that I wanted to become an entrepreneur and take commerce side but my parents and family members had this thought in their mind that only weak students go for commerce.

The cycle of patchups and breakups is never gonna end once you enter it:

Relationships at this age are very common and completely worthless. Believe me, you’ll look back at your all relationships after some time in your life and you’ll laugh that, how you were even planning to marry with a certain girl and now you don’t care even about her at all.

You may get into a relationship, just because of peer pressure and facebook memes which say ‘if you are single till 21, then you will be single forever’.

Peer pressure may ruin your life:

You may choose your friends wisely. Your friends should not do smoking, drinking and partying. These all bad habits may look cool in the beginning, but you will realise later that these ruined the beginning part of your career.

Learn how to say ‘no’.

Virtual life success is just a moh-maya(illusion) thing:

You and your friends may post stories daily on Instagram about where they went , what they eat , maintaining Snapchat streaks , get 500 likes on a photo etc

Believe me , these things are useless. If you think that that you are successful because you have 1000 friends on Facebook or 1000 followers on Instagram , you are wrong. So , this is just moh-maya.

Grades do matter:

Please do study for exams and do not think of it as boring and useless. An apple can not improve your self worth. Here, by apple , I mean to say an apple Iphone cannot improve your self worth. Please don’t buy an iPhone just for show off. That phone cannot improve your self worth , it cannot make you famous. “If you want to buy an iPhone , buy using your own money and not your parents money so it will truly show your success rather than show off and you will enjoy using it since you know the efforts you have done in order to buy it.” Be so successful that your parents should stop comparing you to sharma ji ka beta (overachievers)

I hope you understand this.

She won’t fall for you just because you have six-pack abs.

Many boys go to the gym thinking that girls would be impressed by their six pack abs. Believe me, the nature of the boy matters more than six-pack abs.

Keep loving your parents.

They are the ones who truly care for you. Tell them to share their experiences of life and learn from them.

Start working today in order to achieve your dream.

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