This is exactly what is wrong with this generation.

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Literally now is a point where I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. It is a point in time where people need to hard break from some of these tools and the things that you rely on the short-term dopamine driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works- no civil discourse, no cooperation, miss truth.
I’m going straight this time and I think that the majority of the people I know are somewhere suffering from this. This is about feeling unhappy in the majority of the time in the day without any direct cause. I found people close to me, very close to me facing the same problem. And now they started admitting their feelings one by one to me or to any common person among us.

I personally admit that most of the time in a day I feel numb, I have no interest in talking people at first place, nothing excites me, and calculating my further life that I’ll stay happy or not instead of how much successful I will be. And I really don’t know what’s the reason behind this?
Many of my friends have everything in their lives, literally everything. So do I, almost. But I found them claiming that they feel same numbness, vacuum inside them.
Also, many of them claim that they try to live a completely different lifestyle to heal themselves, following Gurus, practising meditation, reading books, leaving social media for some time but also claiming at the end of any day that nothing’s helping them.
Truth is they don’t find let’s say meditation effective because it’s a long-term process and we are not habitual to do WAIT. We know deep down inside, we know somewhere what’s the problem is, but we also admit that we cannot be able to overcome from this addiction because of the investment of time we have done so far on these platforms.

And I don’t know, but now I check my phone every 5 minutes even when there’s no notification at all. I admit that I cannot sit quietly for even 5 minutes doing nothing. Somewhere, our brains become hardwired with the fact to get something that makes us feel good in every 5 minutes. It becomes a never-ending loop. You post something on Instagram, now you check after every 5 minutes that who likes it or not. Why the likes are too low on this post? Did I do something wrong? Am I not looking perfect in this post? I guess you know now whom I’m blaming now and what’s the main reason behind this feeling.
And also I’m not sure that leaving using these platforms will help me anyway but using them surely isn’t helping me in any way.

People seem to forget how to form deep meaning in relationships. The range of aspects are very long and I’m not going deep in that but leaving these platforms are the only way now. I’m leaving Instagram first, followed by others because I want to live a normal life. A life where I live freely instead of thinking what others might be thinking about me. Doing normal daily routines, waking early, talking to girls, making relationships, falling in love and above all, not telling the world by posting it on social media. And also this time I’m not making fool of my self that instead of deleting it lets simply just reduce the usage. We humans are not that capable of resisting the temptation or distraction when it is just a few clicks apart from us.
I guess few of you reading this post can relate to it. If not, then feel lucky as you are not in that phase but sooner will be.
Good Bye!

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