The Hard Truth Why No One Will Hire You As A Photographer.



Now, in Lucknow, it seems like every other person owns a DSLR and pretends to be a photographer. The day isn’t far when you throw a stone randomly on anyone and it’ll end up hitting a photographer.
“The YoYo youth” with DSLR ruins the market for photography.
Almost in every college nowadays, among every group of friends, there must be someone who owns a camera and you may often found him taking pictures on the occasion of known persons like in a friend’s get-together or in a birthday or farewell party at any lounge.

How they look alike?

They’re like us ‘Humans’! But they own a special tool which they make them feel that now they’ve become that thing for which actual fascinated people learn for years, practice for decades and studied it at their Graduation, a “Photographer”. So, things are like really so easy that just owning a camera makes you a photographer”?


Parody of Rajju Photographer!

Rajju is any person who now owns a DSLR and if he owns a DSLR, then how he would not go to make his Facebook page with title “Rajju Photography”? How?
I mean, he has a professional camera now, so who is stopping him from doing so?Revealed

These are those craps, who starts to work for several bucks for any party or occasion thinking that amount is enough, making the market worse at the end of the day for professional photographers. Photographers who’ve spent lots of capital to learn that art, who’ve spent years of their life to do master in that field, what about them?
These are making the expectations of the clients in the market so low, it’s getting hard for the professional photographers to depend on photography for their living.
Where there these YoYo youth are ready to work for several bucks, the majority of clients avoid paying more to the deserving photographers.

“GULLY Studios:” Using the camera in Auto mode doesn’t make you a Pro!

Gully Studios can often be seen normally in Lucknow lanes or most of the times inside any Gully, where they’re a king of their own kingdom. The owner of such Gully studios trained the employees (they called themselves as photographers) under them that like “This is the only button you’ve to press in this whole camera and do not start using your own brain. Just keep the flash on and keep the camera on Auto mode. Shoot the entire wedding in this settings. Remember: Do not use your own brain.”Revealed

These Gully Studios are actually training these young, hardworking, enthusiastic, talented youngsters that how to shoot weddings and marriages instead of making them learn photography.
At the end of the day, they are just contributors in making this market worse. Does nobody give a damn about real wedding photographers, who spent years of their life just to learn how to set the camera manually according to any scene’s requirement?
Are they fool to master so?

So, what is it takes to be a professional photographer?

To become a professional photographer, someone who supports himself or herself through selling prints or photoshoots, is remarkably difficult because it requires expertise in both photography and marketing.

To be completely honest, it is not that difficult to learn how to operate a DSLR and edit photos with Lightroom or Photoshop. There’s a huge gap between knowing how to use a camera and making money with it.

With the rise of ubiquitous high-quality cell phone cameras, the demand for professional-level photography is dwindling. This is exacerbated by how people believe that they don’t need experienced photographers and think their friend with a DSLR will suffice. This is, frankly a huge mistake. Even a serious hobbyist who really knows his way around a camera might not be sufficiently trained in directing photoshoots and posing people.

Photography is a profession and it needs to be dealt with equal respect like other professions:

This is a huge topic of concern that in today’s era of dearness (costliness), doing such expensive course like mass-communication is becoming risky. Because of today, a non-professional person who hasn’t done any such course making the market worse and expectations lower. And if because of such defaulters, if for a professional student it’s getting hard to get work he deserves then there should be some steps taken against them. Photographers need to make a union which keeps an eye on such defaulters. Where no one will able to work for below certain rates, making hard for other photographers to work on a pay scale they deserve.

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”
Diane Arbus

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