Game That Can Take Your Life| Blue Whale ‘Suicide’ Game | 130+ Committed Suicide


A computer game kills over 130+ teenagers all across the globe. This highly fictional statement became reality with the release of a game named Blue Whale Game or The Secret House or Wake Up @ 4:20 A.M.

The Blue Whale Game went viral among teenagers (mostly of 14-16 years old) in the vague corner of the internet i.e. Dark Web. The game is based on the communication between the players and the admins(referred as ‘Whale’ in the game). Admins give certain tasks or challenges to the players.The list of task has to be completed in 50 days. In this period of 50 days, vulnerable teenagers are brainwashed gradually.



The starting tasks were quite simple yet fascinating like:

  • Waking up at 4:20 A.M.
  • Climbing a crane.
  • Listening to a particular song.
  • Watching a horror movie

and then sending your picture completing the challenge to the admin as a proof.


But then things start getting menacing dramatically, when players are no longer allowed to quit the game and are threatened that their families will be harmed in case they try to quit.

Players then start getting some seriously mad challenges like:

  • Cutting your leg with a knife.
  • Scribing a whale with a blade on your arm.
  • And…Jumping from a tall building.




           Yulia Konstantinova (left) and Anna K (right) were among the first victims of the game.


On the 50th day, the final task is given to the players by the Whales, in order to win the game…the participant has to commit suicide!

The manipulated and confused young minds have no choice except to give up their precious lives.

One of the victims wrote the challenges given to her (in Spanish) on a piece of paper before jumping off the 14th floor of her house.



 29)Make a vow of “you are a banana”
30-49)Every day, get up at 4:20 a.m, watch horror videos, listen to ugly music “send you”, have 1 cut in your body per day and talk to a (whale)
50)Jump from a tall building, take your life.

                                                                                                              Good luck                                                                                                                                                                     *Picture of a Blue Whale*  


Creator Of The Game:


The person behind this sick social media craze is Philipp Budeikin, a 21 year old Russian who created Blue Whale Game in an unofficial F57 community.

Fortunately,this mastermind has been arrested by the police and he has himself accepted the suicides  of 16 schoolgirls.

Budeikin has reportedly been inundated with love letters from teenage girls addressed to him at a Russian jail where he is kept under custody.


Reason for creating this game:

According to the statement given to the police by this Russian man, the reason for creating this game seems as fictional as the fact that a game took over 130 lives.

His thoughts seem very similar to that of Ultron from Avengers:Age of Ultron, Joker from The Dark Knight or Light Yagami from the famous anime Death Note.

This psychopath told the police that his victims are ‘biological waste‘ who have ‘no right to live and do not represent any value to the world‘. He believes that he is ‘cleansing the society‘.


What Can We Do?

  • Stay away from this deadly game.
  • Don’t access the link of the game.
  • Monitor your kid’s online activities.
  • If you or any of your acquaintances have started playing this game, contact Police and Child Line immediately.

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