Beware: John Crestani is scam? Here’s what you should know about him and his webinar!

John Crestani, a 28 year old self-made millionaire claims himself as the pioneer of online maketing. He’s running his online course by the name “How to start a million dollar business from Scratch”. So what’s the reality?

This is nothing but a new marketing trick. Suppose, you make a public figure (say yourself) by working a week or two on your profile on the internet. You make yourself popular on facebook by getting likes on the page with your name, maintaining a LinkedIn profile and few blogs on your business claiming that you’re a millionaire and you’ve a secret to reveal.

No doubt, people will try to know that secret as soon the burning news of self-made millionaire strikes in their ears.

Now, most of them including John Crestani organises webinar (free) where it is supposed to reveal the secret of becoming a millionaire. They use eye-catching headlines for webinars like “How to start a million dollar business from Scratch”.

After such homework from the side of the scammer (claiming himself millionaire), people obviously fall over the webinars to know what exactly the secret is. For John Crestani’s webinar, you’ll have to wait for a day after registration. They’ll make you feel like that they’ve no time for you and you’re getting blessed to attend their webinar.

In my case, they allotted me a time of 11 pm of night (here in India).

What happens in John Crestani’s Webinar?


You’ll sit in front of your system waiting for the webinar to start thinking in mind that now life is going to change. Webinar does not start exactly on time. Even they’ll make you wait for 10-15 minutes, making the scene dramatic like it’s going to be a very big live webinar and there’s some delay in final arrangements. And you’ll get shocked to know that webinar isn’t even live. They create a scene where it seems like it is live but it’s not. This is all just a part of their marketing strategy.


As soon as webinar starts, you’ll see John Crestani sitting in a shining office behind a table having a laptop and a fantastic scene of a city from the top of the building behind him through windows. Well, it is also a part of their marketing strategy. When they’re claiming that John Crestani is a millionaire then office on a top of any giant building is an obvious thing.

Now, webinar starts and John Crestani starts with slow pace telling about his life and achievements. Like every other self-made millionaire, John Crestani also claims to be from a very low background in terms of financial terms, how he was an average in studies, people always ignore him and yea, he is a college drop out. Because by such stories majority of the people starts getting engaged or relating themselves emotionally with the person.

Time by time, a webinar will keep on moving but you’ll find nothing related to making a business from scratch and becoming a millionaire. Now, here’s a twist. John Crestani will suggest you buy his crash course worth only $47, claiming that it’s actual cost is $5000.

Personally, I don’t know about the others, but at this moment I started feeling like banging my head on my keyboard.

I realise that it’s a whole setup and there’s nothing a secret behind. On my screen, a timer starts to run and before 12 hours (may be) I’ve to buy the course in the best price of $47 they offer. On my screen, John Crestani’s course for 12 weeks starts to sell as they show you that how many people from live webinar purchasing it. A beep sound rings whenever someone buys it and you’ll hear that sound like 1 ring per 2 seconds. I’m not sure it was an actual rate of purchasing or it was also a part of marketing because psychologically that beep sound and purchasing of course by lots of people at the same time will make you buy the course too. It’s exactly mean going with the flow.

Now, you’ll realise that there’s no secret of becoming a millionaire and you’re just become fool by him.

Lets calculate how much John Crestani makes approximately by selling his course online.

In a webinar, there were 1200 attendees. Let’s say 100 of them purchase the course cost $47. Now, there are 2 webinars each day (one at day and other at night).

 2*100*$47 = $9600 .

So, John Crestani makes around $10,000 in a day. No doubt, even he’s not a millionaire but this thing will definitely make him.

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