25 Photos of Real Things That We Couldn’t Even Imagine



REVEALED has collected unbelievable photos from all over the world showing very rare things.

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Have you ever seen a whale’s heart?

Trachyandra is a houseplant that looks like it has tentacles.

This turtle shell is covered with moss.

This thick fog looks like waves.


These mushrooms look like flames.


The tallest palm tree in the world. It’s hard to believe that it’s real!

The little dot on the left of the photo is Mercury orbiting the Sun.

The end of the Great Wall of China


This is what a big storm looks like from 37,000 feet above the ocean.


Paper nautilus baby


Eclipse from a plane

Lightning during a volcanic eruption


A shark’s egg in the light through the water


Blood-red rainbow


Armadillo lizard

An unbelievable iceberg in Greenland


After the launch of a rocket

A white bat

A very beautiful obelisk


A theatre behind the curtain


A spider’s eye under a microscope

A multicolored chameleon

A mountain lion hides in trees covered with snow.


A human-sized jellyfish


A baby swordfish

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