10 Fast Food Junctions in Lucknow to fulfill your hunger under just Rs.150



“10 Fast Food Junctions in Lucknow to fulfil your hunger under just Rs.150”.

Lucknow has the tastiest chais, sweetest desserts, most palatable Biryanis and yes most luscious fast foods to offer. If you want to fall in love with the City of Nawabs all over again then you need to try its various fast food junctions. So we explored some fast food junctions in the city and we’ve got this list for you. I am sure that you’ll thank us later for providing you with this list.

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Keema on Your PlateRevealed

“Keema On Your Plate Lucknow Uttar Pradesh”. This place has some amazing fast foods and Mughlai dishes to offer to you without shaking much of your wallet. Momos are what people love the most here. The average cost for two people would be around Rs. 200. You need to try this food outlet. It is located in Gomti Nagar.

Madhurima SweetsRevealed

“Madhurima Aminabad Lucknow”. This place is actually home to one of the best fast foods and sweet dishes in Lucknow. Located in Gomti Nagar, Madhurima Sweets has a big customer list. Apart from the fast foods available here, people like their succulent sweets that are irresistible. The average cost for two people would be around Rs. 250

Royal HutRevealed

“Royal Hut Hazratganj Lucknow “. Just as the name suggests, this place gives you some really royal fast food delicacies. This food junction is located opposite Sahara Ganj mall in Hazratganj. The best thing is that this place is pocket-friendly. If you are somebody who loves experimenting with Lucknow’s fast food, then this is the right place for you my friend.

Al – BaikeRevealed

“Al Baike Lucknow Uttar Pradesh”. This food junction is known for selling some great fast foods at reasonable rates. Believe me, they have some really kickass burgers to serve you with. You need to check them out at least once. The average cost for two people would be around Rs. 300. They rightly know how to impress the customers with their food.

Rolls ‘N’ WrapsRevealed

“Rolls’N’Wraps Gomti Nagar Lucknow”. Trust me people; this food junction sells legendary rolls. They are so yummy that you want to eat them daily. Located in Gomti Nagar, the average cost for two people here would be Rs. 300. Their wraps are actually dressing to impress and they will never ever disappoint you.

Bombay Pav Bhaji CentreRevealed

“Bombay Pav Bhaji Hazratganj”. From North Indian to South Indian food, you will get everything here. Their Pav Bhaji is heavenly. It is actually something that one shouldn’t miss. It can make your stomach rumble. They have the best price menu in town when we talk about economical fast food junctions. Surely Recommended!

Mohan Sweets and Bakers.Revealed

“Mohan Sweets & Bakers Aliganj Lucknow “. I’ve got this place for you because they serve you with some authentic Chinese foods. Try their food once and your taste buds will automatically start tingling. Whenever you are in need of a quick snack, go this point and your stomach definitely will later thank you.


“Mr. Sandwich Lucknow Uttar Pradesh”. Their sandwiches are something to die for. Mr Sandwich is the perfect place to have some great food at the most affordable prices. Apart from sandwiches they have fast food available too. Head over to this point to make your daily food perfect.

Wrappers the Eating PointRevealed

“Wrappers The Eating Point Gomti Nagar Lucknow”. If you really crave for some amazing street food, then check this place. It is located in Gomti Nagar and serves fast food, street food and some delectable rolls. Want to have some extended food orgasms, then try their sandwiches. They won’t disappoint you.

Snack and ShakesRevealed

“Snack-n-Shakes Aliganj Lucknow”. They have their outlet located in Aliganj. You wouldn’t be disappointed by anything you order from their menu. The average cost for two people would be around Rs.200. They serve some amazing fast food to delight your taste buds. They have some brilliant shakes to serve you must not miss out on them.

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